Wow do us mums like to moan about being tired, don’t get me wrong I’m not suggesting we’re a bunch of moaners (much)…. I’m a new mum and I totally get how hard it is and I can only now really understand the difficulties of everyday life that every mum faces, like eating, showering, pooing, applying make-up; you know all of the essentials a human requires! And I only have one so god knows what it’s like with any more!!

So with all of this in mind I am completely baffled at how the hell there are so many bloody mom blogs!? I mean seriously since deciding I fancied giving it a go myself I have faced a minefield I never knew existed, I thought I’d just start writing some shit and hey presto…no no no silly franky how could you be soooo naïve!

I had started out with my Instagram page first up and realised I needed to gain some followers. Wow this is a whole new ball game and people are SHIFTY! Follow, unfollow, follow again, like, comment blah blah blah it’s an endless cat and mouse!

This then led on to reading a million articles about how to gain REAL followers, people just like me who genuinely want to see the random shit I post- again just mind boggling. (I do have to say the best articles I found were by Chrystie V creator of Living for naptime this mumma is super-cool, super-hot and super-smart- NEW IDOL.)

Also whilst going through this whole process I’ve discovered the number of blogs that exist; I mean does literally everyone in the world have one? Was it just me left?

So then we move on to the actual blog itself, obviously I wanted some sort of logo (I now have about 37 apps to help achieve this), then the page setup took forever to do, and figuring out how to upload a picture took at least 24hours; so I had to turn to Mr H and ask for his help (through gritted teeth) and of course he was able to solve my issue in about 2 minutes. Perfect. I work for an ONLINE company and thought I was pretty tech savvy! Apparently not.

So as I travel deeper into this blogging world I realise that apparently I can’t just have an Instagram page, no no, I need a Facebook page, a Twitter account and most importantly a Pinterest account….but I’m so far deep now I can’t turn back, so I power on.

And here we are, so my point or question is HOW do SO MANY mums find the time to blog? And I guess I found the answer myself because I’ve managed it too! You just ignore your child.

But seriously it has been a real eye opener and a learning experience and I totally get why so many mums make time in their life to do this because it’s fun and creative and its gives you that chance to say whatever the hell you like and no one can interrupt you or shut you up!

But next time you think you’re crazy tired you should probably consider giving up your blog…or your kids…just sayin’.

So there we are, my first post that probably about 10 people will read cause I haven’t got a frickin clue how to drive people to my page. Cool.



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  1. Yay! Good luck with your blog, sweet mama!!

    1. frankiehaylock@hotmail.com says: Reply

      bless you! thanks so much! x

  2. Whoop!

  3. Love ❤️
    I haven’t done a poo on my own in months ??? Still can’t get over toilet privacy being lost and just having to accept it #mumproblems

  4. Good luck! I think once you have set it all up it gets easier and quicker, although, it certainly feels like a ft job sometimes 🙂

    1. frankiehaylock@hotmail.com says: Reply

      haha i hope so! as long as its a job you enjoy i guess it’s all good!

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